(Other Services and AMC )


O & M of HVAC System involves following Services :

  • Maintaining of Temperature, relative humidity (RH) & differential pressure (DP)
  • BMS monitoring & Maintenance
  • Cleaning of Cooling Coil
  • Pressure Balancing
  • Replacement of Blower/Motor/Electrical/Instrumentation related components
  • Special Team of 5 Engineers for Validation and its related documentation
  • Maintaining various records & documents (For eg : Filter cleaning schedule, HEPA Filter replacement, Preventive maintenance status, coil cleaning etc.

Filter cleaning involves following activities :

  • Routine Filter cleaning of all the AHUs, Dust collectors & Ventilation Units along with Housekeeping of service floor.
  • Monitoring & replacement of HEPA Filters.
  • Documentation related to the Filter Cleaning / Replacement.


1. For HVAC , Cold ,Chain Solutions : SES has an exclusive contract for Operation & Maintenance (O & M) of HVAC System, Filter  Cleaning &  AMC for AC Equipment’s. SES has around staff of around 200 who working daily engaged at various plants .

2.SES also offer sales and services of all types High Wall Split Air-conditioners, Packaged and Ductable Units, Compressors Cassette units, Chillers, Cassette Units, Digital Scroll Units and condensing units.


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